The Laboratory for Advanced Spectroscopy and Imaging Research (LASIR) is one of Canada’s leading laser research facilities, dedicated to exploring new frontiers in photonics and laser matter interaction. Established in 2005 as a joint initiative between Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia, LASIR fosters a creative, science-focused culture that encourages researchers from around the world to collaborate and solve real-world material science problems.

The laboratories feature leading-edge laser sources, diagnostics and end stations for a broad range of research applications, and have the capabilities to analyze materials with state-of the-art laser systems spanning a range of wavelengths from X-ray to infrared, and timescales from nanosecond to femtosecond.

LASIR also provides academic and industrial users with the support and equipment needed to advance their research, while offering non-experts the opportunity to have access to research tools that will provide them with a new dimension and new insights to their research.

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