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    Welcome to CMOR, The Center for Metabolism and Obesity Research in the Institute for Basic Biomedical Research. CMOR is an interdepartmental and interdisciplinary center established to support the advancement of our understanding of the basic biological mechanisms that regulate metabolism, and how they are dysregulated in disorders such as obesity, diabetes, stroke, and cancer.  While these may seem to be divergent themes, they share common root causes in disordered energy balance, which can affect many biological systems. Thus, while CMOR investigators approach these problems from within their individual disciplines, the Center provides an opportunity to explore common scientific themes and collaborate. CMOR also works to facilitate the translation of discoveries to applied knowledge for therapeutics in these fields.  In our website you will find information about our faculty and our 여주출장업소 We also provide extensive 김제출장서비스 in biochemistry and tissue culture to assist all investigators and students in exploring the diverse biology that is metabolism.

    From Albert Lehninger’s studies of mitochondrial metabolism to Peter Pedersen’s work in bioenergetics and more, Johns Hopkins has built a distinguished legacy of discovery in the field of metabolism and systems biology.  CMOR is an integrative and collaborative center that combines research into the molecular and cellular mechanisms of metabolism with a wide range of physiological and behavioral studies. Addressing topics such as nutrient sensing, bioenergetics, and endocrine regulation, the center employs both cutting edge technologies and fundamental basic science to advance our understanding of the biology that regulates metabolism and how it is dysregulated in attendant disorders such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, and stroke.

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    To lead in the study and support of integrative research in the field of metabolism and obesity to advance our understanding of the biological mechanisms that regulate metabolism and how they are dysregulated in attendant disorders, such as obesity and diabetes. 전주출장아가씨✔전주출장미인아가씨➻【김제출장맛사지【카톡:kow58】〖〗출장미인아가씨김제김제Mc↼┫★출장샵F➳김제6U출장샵강추김제♥v김제콜걸만남☎gFu2018-12-14-03-33】천안모텔출장﹃군산출장코스가격❁제주출장샵☏마산출장만남

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    Vision: Understanding how specific metabolic pathways influence biological outcomes and behavior is the goal of metabolism in our era, and is a common foundation for systems and behavioral biology.  The overall goal of CMOR is to develop an infrastructure to facilitate cutting-edge research into the fundamental basic science of metabolism.   

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    • To provide an infrastructure for scientific interactions among faculty and community.
    • To integrate research using model organisms and metabolic profiling.
      • To develop service and technological resources.
      • To enhance the education of trainees.
      • To foster interactions between CMOR and agencies that support research in metabolism and obesity.
    • To disseminate knowledge to the public in the form of graduate education and to facilitate translation of this knowledge to therapeutic strategies.
      • Programmatic Themes:
        1. Nutrient regulation/sensing encompasses metabolic pathways that deal with the disposition of carbohydrates, glucose, and lipids, which influence how energy is used to support macromolecular synthesis.
        2. Bioenergetics entails the conversion of catabolized molecules into energy (ATP) and reducing equivalents (NADH), the availability of which dictates the biological anabolic processes that may occur.
        3. Endocrine regulation denotes the humoral and neuroendocrine responses that occur to maintain homeostasis, often in relationship to nutrient availability.  For example, molecules such as insulin, leptin, and hypothalamic neuropeptides respond to peripheral and central metabolic cues to sense energy balance and affect behavior. At the cellular level, these metabolic systems influence cell survival, cell cycle regulation, the expression levels of diverse proteins required for cellular functions, and cellular senescence.  At the organismal level, nutrients, endocrine profiles, and bioenergetics affect reproduction, exercise capacity, CNS activity, feeding behavior, and longevity.

    Dysregulation of these pathways results in some of the most devastating diseases that we face, including obesity, diabetes, cancer and stroke.  As we discover new regulatory roles for these metabolic pathways, we seek to apply this information towards therapeutic strategies, making the Center a timely undertaking.  Most importantly, this theme provides flexibility, allowing the Center to adapt as needed in response to future needs.청주출장샵▨대전출장외국인⇈【전주출장외국인《카톡:kn887》(전주√전주y☱출장샵예약포항✄출장안마추천fT2018-12-14-03-33출장맛사지♥전주출장시➹전주↕⇀전주】삼척콜걸강추✙보령출장샵추천✐용인콜걸▤부천동출장마사지

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